Thursday, April 15, 2010

University Council of Jamaica visiting April 20-21

A two-person visiting team from the University Council of Jamaica, a council of the Jamaican Ministry of Education, will be on campus next week (April 20-21) reviewing the Master of Education in Teaching and Learning program. This visit is in connection to program accreditation being sought for the M.Ed. program in Jamaica, which is required by the Jamaican Ministry of Education for all institutions offering programs in Jamaica.

If you see a member of the visiting team on campus, please extend a welcome. Our colleague Dr. Sandra Hamilton, program coordinator of the M.Ed. in Jamaica and vice president of the Catholic College of Mandeville, will be here participating with us in the visit.

The M.Ed. program in Jamaica, offered in collaboration with the Catholic College of Mandeville, currently has two learning communities in operation. Jamaica 1 learners will be completing the program this semester. Nineteen students are scheduled to complete the degree; several of the learners from this community will be joining us for the May SGPP commencement in Winona. Jamaica 2, currently in its second semester, has 38 learners.

If you have any questions regarding the visit, please contact Tracy Lehnertz, university dean for Institutional Effectiveness, or Suzanne Peterson, M.Ed. program director.