Thursday, June 24, 2010

Price presents workshop for Diocese of St. Cloud

Larry Price of the Business Department and Institute of Pastoral Ministries was invited to present a workshop to the members of the tribunal for the Diocese of St. Cloud on the role of the Defender of the Bond in tribunals cases.

The presentation, given on June 8 at the Chancery for the St. Cloud Diocese, was very well received. Price notes that, in addition to the warm hospitality extended by the Diocese of St. Cloud, a highlight of the trip was a personal tour of the St. John’s campus given by Father Virgil Helmin (Judicial Vicar) who is an alumni of St. John’s College. After learning about the St. John’s Bible project, Price was also fortunate to see the work in progress a few weeks later at the Science Museum in St. Paul, where it is on display together with a Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit.