Thursday, June 23, 2011

GoogleApps user’s group collaboration session

Are you an SMU GoogleApps Email or Calendar user? Would you like to meet with other SMU GoogleApps users? Are you curious about GoogleApps and wonder if you’d like to join the piloting group?

Join Information Technology for a GoogleApps user’s group collaboration session, where GoogleApps users are encouraged to share their experiences. Share a short success story or ask a question. (ie: favorite feature, how has it allowed you to do some task better, urgent flags, etc)

Bring your lunch and collaborate with other SMU GoogleApps users on Wednesday, June 29, from noon to 1 p.m.

Winona campus users meet in Hendrickson Center 23, and Twin Cities campus users meet in LaSalle Hall 210.

There will be no formal presentation. There are a limited number of computers in Hendrickson Center 23 available if participants would like to follow along on your account. Additionally, Wifi access is available in both Hendrickson Center 23 or LaSalle Hall 210 if you’d like to bring your own browser enabled mobile device (laptop, iOS device, tablet, etc). This is your opportunity to share with others your experience with GoogleApps, and possibly pick up some tips, and tricks.