Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lueck thanks ‘Dancing with Winona Stars’ supporters; Fundraiser benefits First-Generation

“On behalf of the First-Generation Initiative and myself ... thank you, thank you, thank you for your support, your donations and votes.

“On Saturday, Aug. 13, almost 1,300 people attended “Dancing with the Winona Stars,” held here on the SMU campus in Winona. It was an incredible community fundraising event that showcased our facilities and capabilities, as well as allowed me the opportunity to draw attention to SMU’s First-Generation Initiative (FGI). The total amount of money we raised is being calculated.

“Please continue to support this effort. The First-Generation Initiative offers financial, academic and personal support to first-generation college students. Thirteen First-Generation students have completed their first year of studies at SMU; this fall the university will welcome 16 additional students. For more information on First-Generation Initiative, go to

“Although I didn’t bring home the trophy, I had a wonderful experience and feel honored to have represented a cause that so strongly connects to Saint Mary’s mission. “ — Terrie Lueck, director of Conferencing and Camps