Thursday, December 8, 2011

Directors of institutes in Nairobi to visit

Brother Paulos Mesmer, director of Christ the Teacher Institute for Education of SMU (CTIE) and associate dean of Education, will make his annual visit Dec. 11-21. CTIE serves about 225 students annually in a Three-Year Diploma in Teacher Education and a B.Ed. in Education.

Father Michael Kirwen, director of the Maryknoll Institute of African Studies of SMU (MIAS), will be here Dec. 14-21. MIAS serves about 75 students annually in two master’s programs in African Studies.

Both directors will be meeting with university administrators, faculty, staff and students on the Winona and Twin Cities campuses during their stay. If you’d like to meet with the directors, please stop in Room 128, Saint Mary’s Hall or you can make an appointment with them through Tracy Lehnertz at

Brother Paulos and Father Kirwen will also be attending the Winona campus Christmas dinner and the SGPP Christmas luncheon if you’d like to greet them at these events.