Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Updates from December visits of Kenyan directors

Brother Larry Humphrey, left, and Brother William, greet Brother Paulos Mesmer, right, and Father Michael Kirwen, second from left.
The Volunteer Committee presents a check to Brother Paulos.
The Campus Mission Awareness group presents a check to Brother Paulos.

SMU presents funding for scholarships

SMU’s two directors from its programs in Nairobi, Kenya visited the university in December for annual meetings and interaction with the SMU community.

Brother Paulos Mesmer, director of Christ the Teacher Institute for African Studies of SMU, and associate dean and associate professor of education, spent 10 days at the university meeting with administrators, presenting new proposed curriculum to the SGPP Curriculum Committee, and interacting with staff and students.

Father Michael Kirwen, director of the Maryknoll Institute of African Studies of SMU and associate dean, spent seven days at the university meeting with administrators, faculty and staff on issues related to the Institute.

Both colleagues attended the SGPP Christmas Luncheon and the Winona Campus Christmas Dinner, as well as a reception and African art sale.

The SMU community presented $5,000 to Brother Paulos Mesmer for student scholarships, as part of the Friends of CTIE fundraising activities. The Winona Campus Volunteer Committee presented $3,000; the SGPP Campus Spirituality Team presented $1,250; and the Campus Ministry Mission Awareness Committee presented $700. Additionally, an anonymous donor provided a donation of $4,250 to match those funds raised by SMU employee groups.

Father Michael Kirwen was presented $1,000 for student scholarships from a fundraising effort this past fall. Both Brother Paulos and Father Michael extended their thanks to the SMU community for the engagement and support, and indicated that their visit was again productive and affirming of their affiliation with SMU.