Thursday, October 24, 2013

Events designed to assist undecided majors

Students at Saint Mary's had an opportunity Oct. 22 to explore majors at a unique fair led by students for students.

The event drew 45 students, mostly freshmen and sophomores, who were looking for a variety of information. This fair was geared toward students who are not happy about their majors, are undecided majors, are trying to choose a minor, or are just first-year students looking for information.

Sixty-five student representatives from all majors participated.  These students were recommended by their department chairs as individuals who could best answer questions about their majors, their college experiences and their career plans.

The fair encouraged meaningful peer-to-peer interaction, which research shows is a primary factor in student retention.

Attendee Natalia Shupe said, "I was impressed that the students were dressed professionally and were friendly and helpful. They were excited about sharing information about their majors, and they helped answer my questions."

Another opportunity for students to get information will be at the Undeclared Majors Retreat scheduled for 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 9, at Hillside Hall. There is no cost to attend, and a free lunch will be provided. This event will help students wondering what they are being called to do, those who are not sure they’re in the right major, or those who wonder what major to declare. Students are asked to register by Oct. 31 to student, in person at 70 Griffin Hall or by calling Ext. 8737.

Both of these events are part of iPath, a series for undecided students, hosted by the Student Success Center.