Thursday, January 16, 2014

SMU news

Here are just some of the ways SMU has made headlines recently:

• Patrick Grace was interviewed on HBC’s “Community Connection” about January events at the Page Theatre. View the show at

• Eric Heukeshoven was also featured on HBC about the December trip he and Dr. John Paulson took to Cuba. Their story was also featured in the Winona Daily News Dec. 16 in “Havana nights: SMU jazz professors hope to use one-of-a-kind trip to Cuba to learn the rhythms of a new country.”

• The Winona Daily News also featured stories about Doktor Kaboom, “Science is for everybody” on Jan. 15; Barry Drazkowski in “Assessing a legacy: SMU professor leads digital mapping projects for BP, National Park Service” on Jan. 4; and the new trail lighting in “Lighting the Path” Dec. 21.

• The Winona Post also featured SMU’s new lights with “First lighted ski trail illuminates winter nights” Dec. 15.