Thursday, February 13, 2014

Cardinal Corner is now open

Each semester, undergraduate entrepreneurship students, supervised by Michael Ratajczyk, Business Department, manage a not-for-profit retail store located in the basement of Toner Student Center.

Aptly named the “Cardinal Corner,” students choose products to sell in the store, garner donations from around campus, and sell items for on-campus organizations as part of a course within the entrepreneurship major.

The class is broken into management teams and sales staff.  Students apply lessons learned in many courses such as marketing, economics and management. Each team experiences product sourcing, pricing, promotion and placement. The decisions that the students make throughout the semester are experienced first-hand and result in financial success or failure.

This semester the students chose four new products to sell at the store: a cannikin, fleece shirt, a vintage baseball slugger shirt, and a personal technology bag.

The students voted to give the store’s profits this year to the American Cancer Society.