Thursday, February 27, 2014

News from Nairobi

Students and guests attentively listen to Father Henry Tucholski’s presentation at the defence of his M.A. Thesis.
The examining panel: chairperson and thesis advisor Professor Laurenti Magesa (center), thesis reader Prof Douglas Waruta (right), and program director Professor Michael Kirwen (left).

By James Chege
Maryknoll Institute of African Studies

First 2014 M.A. thesis defense at MIASMU

Father Henry Tucholski, SDB, became the first student in 2014 to defend his M.A. Thesis at the Maryknoll Institute of African Studies. His thesis, titled “A Critical Examination of Selected African Cultural Values Revelant to the Renewal of Formation Programs of the Salesians in Kenya and Tanzania” was successfully defended on Feb. 21, before a examining panel.

Father Henry had been in pastoral work in Tanzania for 17 years and was fluent in Kiswhahiil. He even threw out a few Kiswhahili proverbs during his presentation.

The thesis defense attracted  a number of Salesian guests and a host of MIASMU M.A. students as they prepare for their scheduled colloquiums in the near future. Father Tucholski began his M.A. journey at MIASMU in the fall of 2011. In April 2012, having completed his required coursework, he embarked on researching and writing his M.A. thesis. Father Henry is only the fourth student in the history of MIASMU to complete his M.A. with straight As in all six courses taken as well as an A for his M.A. manuscript and an A on his colloquium presentation.