Thursday, February 6, 2014

Students to present at Museum of Russian Art

Five history and English majors will present at the first annual Interdisciplinary Student Research Symposium, hosted by The Museum of Russian Art (TMORA) and a consortium of Minnesota colleges and universities. The symposium will take place at TMORA in Minneapolis on Saturday, Feb. 15, in connection with the museum’s exhibit: “The Romanovs: Legacy of an Empire Lost,” which runs until March 23. Presentations will address the art, literature and history of the Russian empire.

Students presenting are:

• Brianna Theis, “The Shackled Hands of Russia’s Poet: Nicholas I’s Censorship of Alexander Pushkin’s Personal and Professional Life”
• Anna Segner, “The Representation of Empire in Lermontov’s Paintings and Prose”
• Paul Schmitt, “The Otherworldly Bureaucracy in Gogol’s Petersburg Tales”
• John Soucheray, “In Search for Russia’s Soul: Aleksei Khomiakov and Sobornost Principles in Russian Orthodox theology, 1830-1860”
• Peter McColl, “Dangers of Assimilation: Old Believer Iconography under Nicholas II”
Accompanying the students are Dr. Erich Lippman, Department of History, and Dr. Carolyn Ayers, Department of English.