Thursday, September 11, 2014

Students visit Excel Images to help with Cardinal Corner purchases

Each semester, undergraduate entrepreneurship students manage a not-for-profit retail store located in a small corner of the basement of Toner Student Center. Led by Michael Ratajczyk, students in the Entrepreneurship class gain first-hand experience in starting a business and running the daily operations.

Aptly named the “Cardinal Corner,” students choose products to sell in the store, garner donations from around campus, and sell items for on-campus organizations as part of a course within the entrepreneurship major.

This semester, students in Entrepreneurship visited Excel Images on Sept. 3 to view the company’s products and factory to learn more about the items that they are considering for the Cardinal Corner.

Jon Gunnarson, brand architect, welcomed the c;ass into their showroom, sample room, and production floor.

“Excel Images is a great partner with our class,” Ratajczyk said. “We have visited with them each semester since I began teaching. Students are excited to feel fabrics; touch products that have had laser etched, stitched, or stamped work done; and examine different color swatches. The students were especially excited to see some of the powerful technology that Excel Images uses.”