Thursday, October 16, 2014

Faculty Development luncheon is Oct. 20

The next Faculty Development Committee luncheon will be Monday, Oct. 20. Melissa Luedtke and Beth Seebach, with their respective minigrant teams, will discuss the research and work they did through their internally awarded minigrants this past summer 2014. The Education faculty minigrant is titled “Changing Frowns to Smiles: Student and Program Centered Collaborative Assessment,” and the Psychology faculty minigrant is titled “Curriculum Review at Foundational and Baccalaureate Levels.”

Faculty and academic staff are warmly welcomed to attend. The presentations will be in the Faculty Dining Room: lunch is available at noon, and presentations start at 12:15 p.m. Those interested are invited to go through the cafeteria line and tell the Chartwells staff at the front that you are with the FDC lunch, and FDC funds will pay for your meal.