Thursday, December 11, 2014

McCallum-Ferguson published twice

Dr. Shelly McCallum-Ferguson, associate professor and department chair of the Business Department has been published twice recently:

• McCallum, S., & O’Connell, D. (2014). Social capital and leadership development: Building stronger leadership through enhanced relational skills. In R. Hall, D. Grant, & J. Raelin (Eds.), Leadership Development & Practice (p. 1 – 1656). Sage Publishing.

This Leadership Development & Practice publication is a four-volume set that brings “together some of the most important and influential research from the related domains of leadership practice and leadership development.” This is a high honor as only a select few research studies were selected for inclusion in the series SAGE Benchmarks in Leadership.

• McCallum, S.Y., Forret, M.L., & Wolff, H.G. (2014). Internal and external networking behavior: An investigation of relationships with affective, continuance, and normative commitment. Career Development International, 19(5), 595-614.

Career Development International provides a platform for research that deals with questions of theories and theory development, as well as with organizational career strategy, policy and practice. Issues of theory and practice may be dealt with at individual, organizational and society levels.