Thursday, September 1, 2011

News from Nairobi

The Maryknoll Institute of African Studies (MIASMU) is offering three-day courses to either introduce participants to African mindset, attitudes, ideas and values or to foster updating and renewal. The two courses “Introduction to African Cultures and Religion” and “Intermediate Course on African Cultures and Religion” will run from September 5-7.

The foundational course is designed to give students a “taste” of the MIAS educational process by introducing them to fundamental structures of contemporary African cultures, religion and the political and economic realities of Kenya. Those who take this course often register later for regular courses.

The intermediate course on African Cultures and Religion is designed for returning MIASMU students for renewal and updating and focuses on specific areas of African cultures, naming, family lineage, moral teachings of African religion, and Kenyan economic structures.

The target group for both courses is personnel, whether African or non African, engaged in pastoral, educational, medical and developmental projects who have not done any systematic study of African cultures or, in the case of the intermediate course, who are returning MIASMU students for updating and renewal. In all cases, the participants do not have time to do full courses.