Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nominations being accepted for Bishop Heffron Award

The deadline has been extended to nominate someone for the Bishop Heffron Award, to be recognized at this year's Founder's Day ceremony. Review the eligibility and nomination process information below.

Award Eligibility
• Nominees must be full-time or benefits-eligible and have a minimum of 10 years of service with the university.

Award Criteria
• Nominee has demonstrated a long-term commitment to the values of the university

• Nominee has been a positive member of the university community as demonstrated by his/her ability to work successfully across constituencies for the good of the university

• Nominee serves as a model of the Lasallian spirit, which is a hallmark of the university, in his/her interactions with colleagues and students.

• Staff, Faculty and Administration submit a nomination outlining how the nominee (eligible employee) satisfies the award criteria (listed above) for this specific award.

This nomination should be electronically prepared, be no longer than one page (2 pages double spaced), and be submitted to human resources as soon as possible. The nomination should include the employee’s name, job title, campus location, date, and description of how he/she meets the criteria for this award.

Human Resources will verify eligibility, consolidate the awards by cabinet member, and present the eligible nominations to the President’s cabinet prior to Founder’s Day.

The recipient of the award, selected by the President, will be announced on Founder’s Day.


The Bishop Heffron Award is given out every other year at Founder’s Day. The award includes name recognition on the University posted Heffron Award plaque, an award payment of $500.00, and a personal plaque or token gift in its place. Family members of the recipient are invited to the luncheon.