Thursday, November 21, 2013

Students complete model of Winona National Bank

Five students, under the guidance of Tamara Honesty, assistant professor of scenic design, completed a scale model of the original Winona National Bank, in celebration of the building’s centennial. The students, Ely Mattson, Karina Kim, Miranda Leyson, Julie Frederickson and Matt Schneider (along with adjunct faculty Chuck Hatcher) put in more than 125 hours on the process.

Schneider worked on the model as part of a class project; the others volunteered to help. Each of the women gave up most of their fall breaks to work on the project, as well as additional weekends.

Most of the students had no experience building models, and many had never visited the historic bank. They built the model using original blueprints from 1914, as well as copies of photographs.

The model is  now part of the bank’s balcony level historical display.