Thursday, November 21, 2013

Students visit area nursery as part of Entrepreneurship Week

On Wednesday, a group of students saw plentiful greens while they learned about going green. The students got an in-depth tour of Pork and Plants, an area nursery that is diversifying into hydroponics and growing vegetables during the winter months. SMU alum Maria Kreidermacher led the tour.

Students took many cell photos of the greenhouse filled with poinsettias and of the lettuce, strawberries and other seasonal fruits and vegetables being grown by the family-run facility. Kreidermacher explained the history of the business, the constant need to find their business niche, as well as to experiment with new growing processes and time- and energy-saving methods. From renewable energy sources to water conservation, the Kreidermachers are constantly finding ways to improve their processes as well as broaden their market.

This event was part of a week-long schedule of speakers and activities in recognition of Global Entrepreneurship Week.