Thursday, April 24, 2014

SMU in the news

Here are some ways SMU is making headlines this week:

• MPR re-broadcast Sheila Bair’s 2014 Hendrickson Forum keynote address on April 14.
• Sunday’s Star Tribune included a business section front-page feature article by Neal St. Anthony on Sheila Bair’s 2014 Hendrickson Forum speech. The article included quotes from the event and mentioned Saint Mary’s University and the Hendrickson Institute:
• Other “earned media” from the Hendrickson Forum included a pre-event MNPost op-ed by Matt Nowakowski and a preview by Neal St. Anthony in the Star Tribune.
• Jack and Mary Ann Remick’s recent $8 million pledge for First Generation scholarships at Saint Mary’s was featured in the Winona Daily News:
• Sadie Lange and members of her family were coincidentally featured on the April 13 edition of “The Amazing Race” as they assisted one of the teams on the Spanish Steps in Rome.
• Lisa Truax, Randy Krainock’s wife Kristie Shappell and senior Bethany Schmidt’s mother Judy Schmidt were among the nearly 32,500 runners Monday in the Boston Marathon. Truax and Shappell were interviewed by the La Crosse Tribune: