Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thank you Chat, Chow, & Web 2.0 participants!

Thank you to everyone who presented as part of the Chat, Chow, & Web 2.0 series this year for spreading ideas, building community, and reflecting on the role of technology in our daily lives. Topics this year included: teaching online courses, accessibility and technology considerations, Blackboard enhancements, SMU technology updates, e-portfolios in action, flipgrid, poll everywhere, Google docs, and blended learning through flipped instruction.  The willingness of presenters to share their successes and struggles is greatly admired by many.

The 2013-2014 presenter list included: Josh Lallaman, Blake Pickart, Elizabeth Seebach, Valerie Edwards Robeson, Karen Hempker, Kelsi Watters, Erik Qvale, Ryan Ballanger, Jason Spartz, Tianna Johnson, Scott Cowdrey, Mario Casa de Calvo, Trisha Karr, Dean Beckman, Jesus Martinez, Lisa Truax, Janel Schultz, Rose Beal and Nathan Lien.

With great appreciation, a thank you also goes out to Chartwells for the food arrangement and delivery, Casey Ingvalson and Donny Cisewski for presentation support and setup, as well as to the students and library staff who willingly allowed use of the McEnery Center every month. The Chat, Chow, & Web 2.0 session coordinators include Ruth Ann Torstenson LeMasters, Tianna Johnson, and Jason Spartz.  Please feel free to contact them with your topics and ideas for participating in a session opportunity next year!